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Seattle Music Scene
Artists Who Want To Be Included
Need Only Ask 

Artists are invited to forward your website Info.
 I need your links. Pass it on.

Look for These Artists - Live & Recorded Music 
New Listing
These guys (and gal) are cool!!!

Ernestine Anderson

Bill Anschell

Cliff Colon

Geoff Cook

Joe Doria

Mark Dufresne

Becca Duran

Mimi Fox

Randy Halberstadt

Edmonia Jarrett

Reuel Lubag

 Jay Mabin

Eric Madis

Greta Matassa

Darren Motamedy

Brian Nova

Susan Pascal

Pearl Django

Michael Powers

Kevin Seeley

Jay Thomas

Deems Tsutakawa

Urban Oasis

Woody Woodhouse
I will add these names as soon as I can. 
If you are on this list and I haven't talked to you please e-mail.
If I "have" talked to you I will have you up ASAP.
Clarence Acox Frank Seeberger Wayne Bliss
Don Lamphere Chuck Deardorff John Hanson
Jovino Santos Neto Janis Mann Barney McClure
Marc Seales Aaron Parks Bill Ramsay
Clipper Anderson Floyd Standifer Billy Wallace
John Wicks Bryant Urban Doug Miller
Kiko de Freitas Miguel Garrido Billy Wallace
Scott Ketron Bob Nixon Michael Martinez
Patty Padden Mark Ivester Phil Sparks
Korla Wygal Mike Stafford Kelly Johnson
Hans Fahling Geoff Harper Deanna Reitan
Ryan Burns Steve Luceno Chuck Metcalf
Nick Manson Toby Stone Rich Cole
Joshua Wolf Arnie Caruthers Toby Schnider
Paul Gabrielson Mike Bisio Daniel Barry
Hans Teuber Dave Pascal Jon Wikan
Jazz Police Joanne Klein Jon Belcher
Marc Smason Neil Andersson Michael Gray
Savoy Swing Dudley Hill Rick Leppanen
Shelley Parks David "Pope" Firman Jabo Ward
Paul Sawyer Tim Turner Michael Glynn
Hannsjoerg Scheid Eric Verlinde Andrew Glynn
Ken French Phill Christian Fred Tibbetts